Sunday, February 18, 2007

Time it ended.

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I can see you hated it
when i left my head hanging down
I can see there was no point
in wandering around
Its been so long now
since you have been in my dreams
When I look in from the outside,
it isnt what it seems

Too many nights spent studying you
Lost in you
MIssing you.

Lost in time to be lost by you
complicated by you
Broken wings came through

You may have walked away
but im letting you go
I can walk now too
I thought you would like to know

I have found a way to make the good times right
I have found a way to forget you at night

Your so far away from what we were
Your so different from the way you were

I know that its safe to say, im good.... without you
I know this time, I wont even think.... about you

Your lips wont return and thats just fine
Your touch is forgotten.. and its about time
You can be out of my life..

Remove this knife

Throw it aside

My arms dont ache
My heart is mended
Isnt it about time
Your memory ended?

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