Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Born without.

I had an epiphany today.. That we are not born with hearts to be broken.. but we build our heart as we live.. Taking from each love, each heartbreak and rebuilding what we think our Love should be. Every passing relationship has been such a lesson to me.. what I want.. what i do not.. What i can live without.. What i cannot. Sometimes I am introduced to aspects of my heart that I did not know existed.. and with the next relationship.. it has simply become something that I must have this time as well.. So my heart is a compilation of what I need.. and what It will take to make it feel whole.. when each little sliver of what has been brought together to this place inside my chest is Lit up and "Good to go". Do not ever think your walls are a bad thing. Someone strong will not try to tear them down.. But come climbing over them to free you from the inside!

Born Without.

Piece by piece i discover my soul
Love by Love I put together
what was not created whole

Pushing through the embers
of hearts given and burned to ash
I search for the remnants of what was there
Building my future, with lessons of my past

I know what i am feeling
But have i become silent this time
Tired of speaking emotion
Tired of living through rhyme?

This gift is not mine
To do as i may
But to work for my god
and give it away

Every turn my life has taken
Woken from this worldly sleep
Alas my soul is Lit and waken

My lover walks away
Leaves the door open
Goodbye to a friend
Welcome another..
I'd hate to pretend

So my heart was never truly broken
Just never really there
With every passing love
I placed within me, What i loved to share

KNowing and needing what it is i once had
to pull from the inside to make me feel
To go beyond what has been
understood as real
To lose my eyes and see the truth
That a heart cannot be shattered
if there is nothing there to lose

Born with nothing.. No heart to give
Build my Wholeness, as I live

So its never really love and loss
Behind the tears and pain
Im collecting ideas of being complete
It is simply Love and gain.

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knight2b2003 said...

I can identify myself in "born without", my experience with you has helped me see that "it is simply Love and gain" Thankyou Katie for all you have shown me.