Sunday, November 19, 2006

Walking Waiting Living Dying.

Im still here on borrowed time
Fingers crossed.. eyes open wide
Walking waiting living dying
Seeing your shadow
Run into hiding
Just cant stop my eyes from crying

Nothing dies that knows not living
Nothing takes that has not given
No one wakes before they sleep
No one gives away what they cannot keep

Pictures hanging on the wall of my heart
Cherishing a love that seems so far
Waiting living Dying Walking
I see the words.. when no ones talking

Somewhere isnt where we want to go
Something isnt what we want to know
Sometimes we cant give our all
Sometimes its too damn hard to fall

Songs are playing in the depth of my soul
I can hear yours. can you hear mine too
Living Dying Walking Waiting
I see your mind crashing.. Contemplating

Tomorrow should not be what we know
Yesterday should not be where we wish to go
Today is time to Live and Exist
Today you need to take hold of this

Words are whispering through my mind
This is what i long for but it is not time
Dying Walking Waiting Living
I have nothing left that i have not been Giving

Could this be it, the way things will be?
Have I something left inside which only you can see?
This Life has given us such limited time
Walking waiting living and dying

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