Sunday, November 05, 2006

No More.

Im gone
Dont pretend to miss me
and I will try not to falter back into your arms
Those days are gone
I waited
For the reach of a hand
The welcoming of a kiss..
The linger of a glance
So throw this into the wind
Let us act like it was Nothing
Sitting across from you..
like a ghost to your mind
A tear falls from my eye
you dare not notice
For what would become of you if you walked down from your ivory fortress?
If you were vulnerable to my needs
Im no longer there.. feel free to roam
Im no longer waging wars against your kindom you have so cleverly contained
Freedom is yours
I should not sleep alone
I should not cry when your in the next room
I should not wonder If.. you will ever look for me
I knew the moment i walked away
I would be walking alone
I will imagine I will be ok
I will not go on loving you
I will not look back and cry
I watched what was.. fall apart
I never watched something so long
I never waited for such changes
I never took so much of the Little
Imagining they were something to hold onto
I could not help but believe there was a someday
I could not help but dream you would find what it was you searched for.. In me
Im awake now
No longer dreaming
Logging this sleep into my journal and searching again in the wakened form
You should not long more for sleep than you do to waken and Love
I have no evidence to hold you to
You left a clean trail in my heart
Clever to not say you loved me
Too strong to ever show you cared
So i take out my words
Lay them down
Weighing on my mind.. what have i known?
When we ask ourselves in the end
What could i have done
It does not matter this time
I know i have made the sketch
Scribbling it out in black and white
Only waiting for you to grab a brush and paint one tiny piece
But you look at it and say
It looks good this way
Its not enough my love
Its not what it is supposed to become
There is so much more you do not wish to see
You are content with simplicity
Where I see a hand held as Love
You see an effort not worth making
Where i see a body to pull in warmth
You see an invasion
No more battles love.. No more
Thank you for your time.

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