Wednesday, November 15, 2006

"Finding Emo"

This world
Such Hate
I am destined to cry
This is my fate

Where is the love
I pull up my gloves
My eyeliner withstands my tears
without a smudge

My hair is so black
What do you think of that?
Over my eye
So you cant see me cry

No one loves me
Im pretending to shy
this is what i must be
Its not gay to kiss a guy

Take my picture
Hold on let me look sad
Ill look up from down here
I have to comply to this fad

Hold the camera high
Thats hawt
I look like im about to cry

Goodbye Im sorry
I made your life so bad
When im gone will you think about
all the lonely times you had?

No one wants to be my friend
They called me an Emo
and stole my new pen

Life isnt fair
Does Anybody Care
I dont understand
I have such cool hair

Im going to end it all
They didnt invite me to the mall
Blood on my wall

Im going to do it this time
Im so alone this world is so cold
Im trying pathetically to rhyme
Im too pretty to die old!

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