Monday, November 27, 2006

You and Me.

I hold onto this tiny heart
Fragile.. sensitive to the world
Broken by the careless ones
So now i stand back behind the scenes..
Praying to hear it beat once again..Without me
Regretting the day I crossed this path
Motionless to its reaching out to me
Hiding from the lashings of a lover scorned
I cannot save you love
I cannot be what you are searching for
Not for You
Not for Me.

Like a winter wind passing on your warm cheek
I will live within the shadows
Hiding from what you see as life
Waiting to protect you from death
I will never falter from your need of me
But i will not stand in the way of this pain
I have taken your heart only to protect you
and left an emptiness instead
I have given you a love only to show you
and left a veil over your eyes
I have failed..
Broken You
Broken Me

Im almost healing now.. its almost time
To take this world and make it mine
Ill be back for you.. as a friend
When you are ready to realize.. this is not the end
I promised forever.. I say what I mean
Into eternity i will carry this..
Into a fate that will go unseen
What has been Given to You
Has been Taken from me.

Please do not hate what I had to become
Do not blame what you are
I thought i could fix everything
I could not be the one
I thought i could give you your dreams
But it was not within me..
Giving in to you.. meant giving myself away
Id live for only your happiness..
But steal from me my yesterdays
Forgetting what it was i wanted
What My heart longed for
Where my soul longed to thrive
Neglecting what it is that calls to me
The touch that brings me to life
So here i am.. wishing away our pain
Letting go of the silence
It can never be the same
Conclusions are made
You have to see
I've Made the choice
Abandon You?
Abandon Me?

1 comment:

knight2b2003 said...

I feel as though you were speaking to me directly. I feel as thought something has happened, i reach out but feel all has vanished