Thursday, November 02, 2006


A moment to think
An hour to laugh
One last time
Take me by the hand

A distance to reach
A mile to think
Im listening for your answer
Watching for you to turn on the light

A handful of hopes
A pocket full of holes
Can you remember to not let go
To never set this down

The stars are hanging low
Lower than before
They are shining in your eyes
My soul reaches out to wish upon them

A lifetime to wait..
Its really not that long
Can you see the end from here?
Can your faith prevail?

One Chance.. You knew would come
One Love.. You'd hoped exist
One Breath.. Could it be your last?
One true Question.. What now?

Your whisper sent so far
Captured in the WInd
Lies now in my heart
"Excuse me does this belong to you?"

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