Saturday, November 11, 2006


I am breaking free from the silence once again
Push you down and run for cover
Your life is Under siege
All your fires are blazing to Destroy me
Im not lingering in this place
There is so much more
left to erase
I gain no control in falling from your grace
But im content to release what I can't replace
I cannot fight this battle from the floor
Your mind cant make up..
who you are anymore
Like a magnet you attract your opposite
Trying to steal what it is You cannot possess
You tear them apart at will
I am so fucking sick of this
I wont be your reason to regret
There is so much left I need to forget
I have stolen a higher place
Fought my way to get away from you
From here I no longer see your face
From here I can ignore.. what I cannot undo
Dont allow me to become what you hate
Do not let me get in the way of your fate
So you do not believe in destiny
I forbid you to dream of holding onto me
You can no longer live here in my mind
Your days are spent
You are out of time
Travel on from my memory
Unspeak the words that have been unkind to me
Take your ticket and walk away
Before I leave you with all hells ransom left to pay

Call me? Ok?

1 comment:

knight2b2003 said...

I enjoy "spent" as i do most of your writings. This time i feel alot of anger built up. its so neat that you can express yourself so vividly with your words. Never stop writing, you are a powerful person with a very powerful tool.