Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Fallen One.

Erasure is mine.. I love to pretend
To laugh in your face.. to smile in the end
I turn and walk away quick to wipe my eyes
My hair pulled down around my face
This is where the sadness hides
Never to cut a lock again
The promise to him was released
Leaving a blade to my skin
Secrets have become my only truth
My past an annoyance to your thoughts
You try to forgive me for sins i have never commited against you
You try so hard to close your eyes and just Feel
Driving a hate for where I have been
Have you forgotten what you can never know?
Who I bled for..
Who I screamed out for to shatter the silence
Have you created a comfort through disbelief
Why is it so hard to see I walk alone
How can you not see no one has chased me into your arms
That I am not bound by what was
That I am not held by a chance
What was so beautiful to you before
Has become unkindly at second glance
You pressed against my lips
Hoping to steal away my life
The place i hid before i came across your sight
The fury inside you
Careful to disguise your own faults
While i stand here open to your desires
Open to all around and you still fight
You chase me through the essence
Embers cast upon your soul
Shadows created with each passing candlelight
Whispering voices silenced by my presence
"What will she do this time?"
The Gaurdians of my fate.. watching with such intent
Watching me spin around you
Watching.. as I make you fall
Oh such beauty.. making you feel
I laugh as you lie there
Unsure of what i have become
I watch as you look up to me
Refusing to allow you to capture my gaze
You are not able to stand..
Your body has become weak
You pray that god is here with you
Somewhere in the shadows
Watching over you
Unsure of what you have fallen into
I kneel beside you
I'll set this glow of light at your side
Bend to whisper into you...
"What are you afraid of?"
"Dare you not speak.. if it not be truth"
You gasp for your voice.. encased in my spell
Forced to search within yourself for a part of what you hide
"Im waiting love..."
I watch you with intent.. for I know what it is you wish to say
I stand and walk around you.. tracing my fingers along the walls
Watching your eyes follow me..
Your lips quiver..
Your anger at me.. that i have brought you to this prison
But know you not.. you have brought me here to you.
This is Your place of refuge
I am here to free you from it all
You called for me.. prayed god be with you
Suddenly you find.. this is your world.. not mine
"If words be yours.. let them make sound"
I watch you cry at the reality you have found
Fighting inside myself to not run to your side
Keeping the distance to make you reach out
"If you ever be in need, I promised i would come"
This time you needn't know you did not have to ask
To be SENT the Fallen One

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