Monday, November 20, 2006

Inside Out.

I wish i would have lost you
When i cry out at night to know you may be listening
I wish you were taken from this world
and searching the heavens for peace
Looking down on this dismal place
Looking down over me

I wish you didnt walk away
Healthy and strong
No sign of weakness aside from your love for me
You may have thought you were breaking
But you not once turned around
There.. is where the true boldness lies
That is what you have hidden inside

Pull me from the outside
Pull me from the outside

We used to laugh at the world
Pulling eachother close
Watching them pass by
Knowing if we could not fathom what we had
That it was beyond what anyone else would
we would do anything in our power we could
To stand outside
Now it is all left inside
Hidden on the inside

Save me from the outside
Save me from the outside

So here I lie.. Injuries left by you
My mind cant wander.. My heart So Gone
I no longer love you.. Because I no longer know how to
I wish you didnt make me think.. what is wrong with me
When there was really something wrong with you
I wish you didnt tell me.. You cannot handle all of this
You made me learn to love myself
To never Need anyone else
Not because that is whats in my heart
but because.. my mind has turned on
Thinking.. wondering.. Rationalizing
WHy have you cursed me with doubt
Why do i ask myself.. can i live without
My soul has abandoned me..
It wanted so much more
Willing to risk everything
To have you walk through that door
Now the words.. they scare me
Now the touch.. I fear to remember

Nothing left to hide
Nothing left to hide

Id rather be sitting above you.. crying at your grave
Then looking back at you.. walking away
There is too much left to bury
So I cannot lay your soul to sleep
I cannot speak your name
I have died and nothing left to keep
My heart will never love the same

Broken on the inside
Nothing inside me left to hide...

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Thee Goddess said...

I love Myself