Saturday, April 29, 2006

Don't say you love me, Until its your dying breath!
Don't lead me on a path that you don't plan to walk with me
Don't pull me up if you only plan to drop me when its all too much
Don't cry for me to love you... You know not what you ask!
Don't wish for someone like me... You know not what you want.
Don't build your world around mine... its not a strong foundation.
Don't crave for my arms around you, because i will never let go
Don't wait for me to love you... I already do.
Don't swear on eternity, if you do not understand
Don't pray for my Love if you dont intend to accept it with all your heart
Don't swear you will never give up on me... if you are weak.
Don't chase me, if you cannot keep up.
Don't open my eyes, if you dont want to open yours
Don't let your heart beat for me, if you dont want to live.
Don't hold me, if you need to let go
Don't give me your heart and soul... cause i refuse to give it back
Don't cherish me, unless you do it for all time

I am not a game. I am not a prize. I am human.
Here on earth just as you.
Suffering, Loving, Living, PRAYING... just like you.
I hurt. I cry. I feel.
So your angel wasnt what you'd expected... but you asked for me to fall... FOR YOU!!
You asked for me... and you walked away.

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