Monday, May 01, 2006

"You're my last stop. My only stop".
How could he have been so wrong?

Walking in a dream, waking from my nightmares...
Shaking... scared... lost
Praying for sleep, praying for this to end
When will i wake up to find him lying in my arms?
When will i close my eyes to breath in his scent once again?
Rebuild my world, to shatter it in the end?
What have i done so wrong... but love someone so completely?
Why cant he see? Why cant he feel my absence the way I feel his?
Why can't we just start over and do this the right way?
He once loved me so much that it hurt for him to be away,
He once spoke of nothing completing him more than being in my presence..
Now he speaks of nothing...
His silence truly has become the delicate array of torture i once dreamt it could be..
God please, must i beg... stop this... please
Let us do this right.
Bring back his love.
My soul is torn, I know there is nowhere left for me to go.
He is my world.
He is my breath.
He is my gift from heaven above.
Please don't make me exist without him.
Please god... id give my life for he has said he would do for me..
Is this what was intended..
Is this the death I must endure?

"Pride can stand
a thousand trials
The strong will never fall
But watching stars
without you
My soul cries
Heaving heart
is full of pain
Oooh, oooh, the aching
'Cause I'm
kissing you,
I'm kissing you,
Touch me deep
pure and true
Give to me
'Cause I'm
kissing you,
I'm kissing you,
Where are you now ?
Where are you now ?
Cause I'm
kissing you
I'm kissing you...

The song i told him to listen to whenever he missed me...
He used to miss me so badly...
I would do everything in my power to take away his loneliness...
it wasnt enough..
I wasnt enough
How could he just go on living knowing what we had?
How does this not hurt him?
Did he ever truly love me at all?
Will he ever love another more than me?
Could he?
Will he ever share the words that we shared... with another?
No... please god no, I am the love of his life...
Don't let him forget.
We are meant to be.

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