Sunday, April 23, 2006

"Im not accepting this is real until you come here and leave, then call me and say when can I come back"

In a world as cold as stone... must I walk this path alone?

My father cried with me last night... last time i seen him cry was when i was in the hospital 6 years ago.. on the night that god said No.. you are not leaving this way. He said, "Im crying because when you hurt.. I hurt.. and its killing me. I Need you to get better. I Need you to come out of this...for us. Please Kate...I need you in this life."


Even in my darkest hours I am pulling down on everyone around me...they are trying to hold me up and carry me through this, but my heart, my soul, is cemented to the very spot of where the destruction of what I thought was Forever. I am supposed to love him into eternity, but without him there is no where left to go... no where else Id rather be but settling in the memory of "what was"

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