Saturday, April 29, 2006

Never again.

He will never say he loves me again...
I will never gaze into his pure blue eyes
I will never feel his hand on my cheek
We will never laugh together again
We will never dream together again
We will never stand in eachothers presence again
He will never run to the door to meet me...
He will never kiss the lips he couldnt help but stare at
We will never hold one anothers hand as we worship our lord again
He will never read the bible to me
He will never write me such beautiful words as he once wrote
He will never answer my call in the night when life isnt going so right
He will never tell me all the things he loves about me, because he doesnt love them anymore
He will never reach out for me, because i am not the one he wants in his arms anymore
He will never defend me again, because he doesnt care if i fall
He will never miss me the way i miss him, because he is running from what we were and pushing the feelings somewhere he cannot reach them any longer
He will never dream of me and wake up smiling again....calling me in his morning voice i so tenderly loved
I once never had to wonder if he was thinking about me at any point of the day, because i knew he was... now i wonder if he will ever think of me again
We will never have a child of our own, not a Talia or Elijah... nothing
We will never walk down that isle of church and confess our love for one another for the whole world to witness as we once planned...
We will never secretly plan our vows again, because they no longer exist
We will never celebrate another holiday together and thank god that we are together, because we are not.
I will never hear another song that fills me with bliss... because he is gone, I cant relate any longer.
God... why? Why?
I want my angel back.

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