Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Loving a truth..

The whole world has dissappeared..
Waking with this smile...
its been a long time
but its ok once in awhile
So overly witty as i stumble over my soft words
Barely with sight i imagine your kiss staying on my lips
Your getting in my way with your surprises
I wasnt expecting to need something so soon
I made rules and you helped me break them
I drew a line and you turned it into a circle.. pulled me inside
So i stand on the outer edge.. while you dance in the center..
I watch the outside world linger outside this place
No one's allowed inside
Your watching me..
Guarding me..
You have me where you want me and Still i tremble in fear of You
I have been here before
You cannot speak..
I have heard these words too many times
You cannot convince me with your touch..
I have felt this touch once before
I have known.. and forgotten this place
Oh this is going to burn
Do we have to do this again?
Do i have to see you?
You have stood on the outside so long.. speaking to me from the distance
With patience you watched me fall apart..
With anger you pushed the pieces back into my reach
Im not so much amazed at how i need you now..
Im amazed at how you have come to need me..
This fragile soul..
What have I shown you that you could not see?
What have I given you that You have never received?
Who have I been that you have never known?
You say you dont want to hear me.. then you stop and listen to the silence
Didnt you want to see.. everything you could be
Now you look away
Afraid to know the day
Wondering about the things you have needed for so long
Coming into a world you have only imagined could exist
Wishing you were never brought into this place
Living a Lie..
Loving a truth..

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