Thursday, June 08, 2006


Excerpt from Thrusday June 5th 2003

I guess there is a down side to trying to look up in life...
You never see the worse coming.
You give someone the benefit of the doubt..
you ignore their past,
a past that they have yet to walk away from,
you look forward with them,
then next thing you know you turn around and their gone.

I know we all die alone in the end,
thats just the way things are.
Does it really matter what we have here on earth?
Would a mortal know if they had a fallen angel in their life?
I have come to find that no matter how hard I try or how real I am,
it is not enough....I am simply not enough.

My words are mute in the echoed halls of ones past.
My feelings are expendable and my tears...
just another sad collection into the ocean of all the tears lost in vein.
I had my it is gone.

My doorway to happiness opened right before me...
I got to taste touch know it.
Can't they see...nothing just comes to you.
You have to make sacrifices..
you have to know when the passage in fate has opened her arms to you.
Why was I so blind.

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