Wednesday, June 07, 2006


"well to be honest, most of my profile may be based behind the emotion
i had when i Was very much in love with my ex fiance...
He left me in April and it was devistating..
After the withdrawals..
I have found myself once again,
and my eyes have been opened to the world that i could no longer see
when being in his essence...
Those out there we can connect with and become whole again..
through them.
You never believe there is another until you are Forced to.
I am thankful that I have this new oppurtunity in my life
to achieve something greater than I have had.
As much as the pain of losing a loved one is,
The joy of finding the Greater love.. is phenomenal.
You cannot live.. Until you have died!

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Am an older Cancer man dating a younger Taurus lady but she insists on secrecy as she fears her mothers objection to the age differance,as I get along with her mother,do I confide in the mother and see what happens ?