Sunday, June 11, 2006

Everyone goes away in the end...

i will make you hurt.

Nobody stays forever.. and if they do they are not happy.
They feel obligated to stay to not hurt you
They feel it is their responsibility to make Your life right.
Or they become the thing that made your life wrong.

Those strong enough to walk away and Hurt someone...
My hat goes off to you.
You are Strong among men
You are the wolf among the sheep
The thorn on the rose...
You are pain. You are Life.
You make us bleed.
You let us feel every breath... because we despise the fact we still do
You make us count each day after you... because we would rather not notice the time flying by
Stand in the rain... make me watch you
Stand there and ignore me
Walk away from me... you know its only a matter of time..
Why wait..
Why stay..
Why make me watch my life pass me by...
When I could be holding it by the hand and running free..
What pleasure do you get from capturing me?
Dont give me a reason to make time stand still..
unless you want to die with me.
Do you want whats left of me?
Do you want to rebuild this foundation..
To make whole what has become so crumbled and frail?
Do you want to dance in the shadows ..With me?
or would you rather stand back and watch me fall apart alone?
Do you want to shine your light into my darkness?
I can shine alone...
I can love myself...
I can make my dreams come to pass...
Why do you want to make me need you?
What do I bring to you that you cannot live without?
Tell me.. why am I "the one"
Who will take my place?
Cause you know someone will
Who will give their life for you... after you leave me to die?
What arms will reach for you, when I no longer have the strength?
Who will be left to remove your doubt.. when you can no longer trust in yourself?
Don't take pity on me.. but envy I still Live.
Envy I have life and hope and I still dream...
Shattered.. they Exist.
I cannot live without myself...
So please dont take away who I am

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