Monday, June 12, 2006

Will you follow?

How do you dance in words?
React to the music running through your veins...
Breathe in the vibrations
Set your soul free... release yourself into the night
Be weary of the morning light
Heart.. pounding..
Close my eyes.. all i see is him...
Furious.. fire.. burns in his eyes..
Intensity reigning throughout his body..
Possessed by his presence..
Poisoned by his very existance..
What man could see as I see..
Feel as I feel
Dance.. as I dance.
No movements of the physical form.. but to close ones eyes and fly...
No touching.. only fusion of two beings through the mind
Can I tangle you in my dance
Make it hard for you to stop
Give you an addiction.. with no cure
Gently rest your hands on my hips
Testing the passion as I wrap my body around yours
Pulling you into me with my eyes
Do you want me to take you inside?
Do you want to feel where this passion hides in the daylight?
You pull me tight.. your breath heavy on my neck
Sweat running between our bodies
I rest my lips on your shoulder..
Tasting you
Wanting you
My heart can feel it against you
I can't get close enough..
I wrap my arms around your neck..
pulling you close as the music runs through our bodies
Your hands around my back.. my hand grasping your hair
Locked in eachothers eyes.. never to look away
We dance in the moonlight..
Careless of what the day will bring
Mesmerized.. I cannot believe where I am
Where we have taken one another
The music ends.. but the dance has only just begun
How did we get here?
With one last glance i take your hand.. look into your eyes and smile
Releasing.. one finger at a time.. as our hands slide apart
I walk away..
Will you follow?

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