Friday, July 07, 2006

Its all about you!

Can I be your white rose in the rainy night?
Can I be your courage, your reason to fight?
Can I be the riddle you dream to make right?
Will you touch my face..
Gaze apon my lips..
Fall into my eyes
How long can I hold you this time?
How long will you allow yourself to be mine?

I hate rhyming...

You are so beautiful..
You place in me a feeling that hangs around through my dreams..
You make the fear run from Our light
See me for the star I hold before your eyes
I see you for the Moon you place above
There is nothing short of beauty in what I have found
Am i living in a fantasy
Never to cherish for an eternity
Never to fall endlessly..
Only to wonder what it is like
Having to face each day with another voice in our head
Slowly forgetting who is who
Where I begin and you end
We are living on borrowed time
How cliche
But if there were ever a time that so desperately needed to be borrowed..
the time would be now
Living in this marathon of "what happens now"
and Im waisting my time wondering how I could live without you
You spend your time letting your chances fade
Let me take your suffering for a while
Let me be strong this time.. and next time I fall you can help me stand again
"Don't ever give up on me"
No matter how far I run and how good I hide..
I will be waiting for you to catch up and find me
I am depending on your stupidity...
Your strong will..
I will show you what to do before I close my eyes..
I will show you the ways to reach me..
I will teach you the words to speak to being me back
drifting so slowly but going none the less
"Do you need me?"
Fallen angel given a dream
Too close for comfort..
Too far for Faith..
Until there is no longer need..
bound to what is broken
Holding together what is left
Replacing what is lost
Cherishing what has gone unseen for So long
Building what has been torn down time and time again
Giving to what Has never received
Sent to one of her own kind.. Blinded by this world.
Could it be that even god has made a mistake?
A mission to right what has been so brutally wronged
Without our wounds how would we ever learn to mend
Without our sorrow.. How could we ever understand what takes it away?
You'd think we would be left untouched..
Held above all in the glory of His great light
Precious to all.. held by none
Can you even hear me? Do these words blur to you?
Do you ever find it hard to breath
Can you become drunk with the words that you despise
Holding back the tears.. drowning yourself in holding your tonuge
Truth that binds you to your wicked heart
Desperate to wash your mind free
To no longer hide what you have become
To release into the world..
Are you ready to Exist?

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