Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Jesus hung up on Sam!!

keado1586: lol
Thee goddess23: ...and hung up on him

Samurai!! so i gotta stop saying what if
Samurai!!: and just starting believing
Thee_Goddess: yes and just believe it
Samurai!!: man i really dig this spirtual stuff.
Thee_Goddess: keado1586: tell him don't believe. start knowing..
Samurai!!: so we can only control what is inside us
Samurai!!: nothing that surronds us ?
Samurai!!: 1 800 390 1886.
Samurai!!: why could jesus not love ?
Samurai!: ....
Samurai!!: i just tried to call jesus.
Thee_Goddess: i was afk
Samurai!!: you know my voice reconition ?
Samurai!!: i hit it and said jesus .
Thee_Goddess: LOL why did you do that
Samurai!!: i have no idea
Samurai!!: i guess i was thinking of jesus
Samurai!!: then i realized it when my second beep went off
Samurai!!: said it could not reconize voice command
Samurai!!: would of been creepy if someone picked up
Samurai!!: omg
Samurai!!: wtf
Samurai!!: i just got an unknown call
Samurai!!: who ever it was just hung up on me though.
Thee_Goddess: HAHAAH jesus just called you
Thee_Goddess: And hung up on your ass
Thee_Goddess: I so need to blog this

Samurai!!: ok this is wierd
Samurai!!: someones fucking with me
Samurai!!: cuz my room phone just rang too
Samurai!!: and no one picked up

Yeah this is some funny shit!!

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