Monday, May 29, 2006

My heart is full... my eyes so open
The storm is coming..
I hear it.. I feel it
The thunder rushes through my blood
The pain is gone.. or is it numb?
I dont care... Im not feeling it.

Someone who has been through hell
and came out alive.
Someone who would go back to hell to find me
if he had to.
Someone who wants so badly to be in my life until our dying breath,
who's only passion is to be there for me through life,
and be beside me when he dies.
Someone who is romantic... passionate... soulfull
Someone i feel the desire to worshipand be worshiped by
Someone who is strong in emotion and mind,
expressive about what he feels and wants
Someone who accepts me for the bad and the crazy...
No matter what I look like now or in 50 years..
There will be nothing more in this world after me
and nothing to me after him..
Only his constant desire to love me more each day
and never walk away...
never leave me behind
To fight for me when i am weak
and to reach for me when i fall
You would do anything for the one you love.
You dont have a choice..
Your soul will not allow you to let them down.
That is when you can Create goals in life TOGETHER.
You have to be One in mind... and spirit
before you can move onwards and not miss a step,
not allow your "one" to fall... ever.
to create a trust that when they look up from falling...
it will ALWAys be your eyes they will look into...
YOUR hand that will be reaching down for them.

"The air I breathe in a room empty of you is unhealthy.
The merest whisper of your name awakes in me a shuddering sixth sense.
I am longing for a kiss that makes time stand still."

That is my soulmate.. i will know him when i feel him!

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Anonymous said...

Amazing to read all that are posted here. Happy for all of you guys here who have found their soulmates. I wish i considered Astrology.Unhappy married Taurus woman here with Aquarius and definitely its a mess