Tuesday, May 02, 2006

"Welcome to nowhere and finding out where it is
And fixing your problems and starting over again"

So you have seen me with my defenses down... not so beautiful now?
Not so perfect?
Can't stand what you see inside the ashes?
Can't take the pressure of standing back and watching me try to stand?
You feel helpless? YOU feel Helpless?
Try walking with me... try feeling what I feel..
Try taking in all I have taken and let me watch You stand.
You may be able to give up on me, but I will not..
I will pull through. I will pull myself back together soon
Life isnt beautiful...
Im not giving up on myself...
I have too much left to lose
With my tiny ounce of sanity I will watch you walk away
With my hand shaking I will let down your ring
Fighting my heart I will let you give up on me
"This isnt over"
You shot me with your words
I'll search for the one who believes in me
I'll reach for the one who needs me
I never doubted you... when you said you loved me
But i should have known you dont understand what love is...
What love is worth.
One day you will see..
You threw our lives away
You will try to love again...but nothing will ever take away the void i have created in your soul
I used to think how lucky you were to get it right the first time, To never go through heartache.. to never have some one walk away from you... You were so lucky
One day you will hate me for loving you so much
One day you will hate the emptiness you have inside because of me
One day you will hate what you have lost... what you know exists and you walked away in your confusion
I can only try to heal love... will it be so wrong to let you go?
Will it be so wrong to tell you I love you but you gave up on me...
Will it be so wrong to say "Sorry, I have to go".
Will the world turn upside down?
Will the reality of losing me shatter your heart the way you have left mine?
Will you stop at nothing to get me back?
Will you be relentless?
Will you fight wars for me?
Will you see right through me? Will you even know me anymore?
Will you go through hell just for the chance to bring me back?

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