Saturday, May 27, 2006

Im here too...

I saw you last night...
I knew you'd be gone as soon as the morning light shone
My breath grew i watched
I knew you were my dream.
You walked into the room and the world around you stood still
You couldnt see me...but you knew wherever i was, i was thinking about you
You were alone in your room and you sat on your bed
You took out a picture you had of me
Gently ran your finger down the side of my face
Gazing into my big brown eyes
I cant hear what you are thinking...but i see a tear fall from your face
Suddenly you look angry.. you look sad... at the same time
The picture falls to the floor.
You stand up and walk over to your mirror..
You say "Pull yourself together."
You turn around and i can see the strangest thing...
Part of you is still sitting on that bed... he picks up the picture and glares at you with discontent
You pretend to not see him.. just as you have chose to not see me.
You turn back to the mirror.. wipe the tears from your face.. and walk out of the room...
Shutting the door you left him and I behind
He still cannot see me... he cries.. alone on his bed.
I go to him.. I cant leave him there to hurt alone... His tears give me tears.
We want so badly to hold one another but cannot.
We want so badly to feel one anothers presence... but are unable
We are not allowed.
He is a shadow left behind by the one who controls him
He is a part of himself... pushed away... fought to forget
I lay beside him and watch his blue eyes falter in my absence
I watch the lips i once kissed so gently.. quiver
I reach my hand to touch his face and he closes his eyes...
"Im here with you baby"
...Im here too.

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