Wednesday, May 25, 2005

"A mistake" 2003

"A mistake is something you would have changed if given the chance"

Ever just need to write, and have no one to write to?
I feel like I have said everything I can to anyone I have felt the need to say things to.
Every day I exist here...on earth, so many stories.
Seems my failures have become more interesting than my sucesses.
No matter how hard one tries, you cannot completely dissappear from the world.
Even the ones who you love the most, end up hurting you the worst!
In their own ways they abandon you to live their own lives...and somehow forget to include you.

Parents....maybe it is just mine. Maybe I am the only one who feels this way. Maybe I am looking for someone to blame my mistakes on. Maybe I just want recognition of my creation being a mistake. My whole life of failures resulting from one accident catipulting into a single person existing only to carry the burden of never knowing how to live.....but only knowing how to exist!

The only feeling I love by is emptiness. My eternal struggle to find the one.
The one who can take away the pain, take away the void. To give a mistake a purpose.
To find the one that makes everything look different.
The one that "can't" live without me, the way everyone else "can".
The one who thinks about m every breath he takes.
The one who will cradle my soul and take away the pain.
The one who will remove all doubt.
The one i can trust eternally.

Do you really think i will be unfulfilled my entire life?

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