Thursday, May 26, 2005

"The frozen moon" (2000)

October 8th 2000

The night carries a stilling calm
It has a way of empowering my soul
All at once it feeds me my highest point of mania....with my lowest trench of sadness....
The moon looks as though it has been Frozen in a black pond
...and it will not move until the morning sun thaws it out

It is different than most nights
Every breath I take is crisp
...I can hear it
tearing through the silence
It is as if it is my first breath

Does the night poison my mind?
With its blanket of darkness I feel a different part of my soul come to life.
I often wish for eternal darkness
To me, the night is the most beautiful thing on this earth.
I hold the rain second highest to it.....Especially storms.

I would like to live in a world...that it is forever night...with a storm always on the wind...

Oh...what a wonderous place!


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