Thursday, May 26, 2005

"Decide" 2003

Life is like a flows
sometimes you drift down the river slowly
enjoying the scenery
taking your time
to breath in
sometimes you run into the rapids
that throw you around
fast moving
all in the same instance
then you come to a point in your river
there is a branch embedded into the side ofthe riverbank
trapped....caked in debree and mud
standing still
this branch was once part of a great tree
a living thriving tree
it once flowed within the river
of life
now it stands still as life passes
this branch is not dead
you see one tiny green leaf growing from its almost pathetic grey bark
you see hope
you grab onto this branch and you hold onto it
life passes you by for a while
you refuse to let go of this branch
this once beautiful branch
you know if you could only set it will grow and strive again
the river flows on and slowly pulls you
harder and harder
your grip grows weak
your palms become bloody
being torn from this branch
you feel this pain as your blood drips into the water
floats away
You are pulled further and further down the branch
you are now facing this tiny green leaf
one last time you strengthen your grasp
you cannot risk tearing off this tiny green leaf
the leaf sets...right there in your face
you are so close to it
you see tiny buds around it
with tears in your eyes you have to decide
do you give up and let go of this branch, again releasing yourself into this river of life?
Do you hold on just a little while longer while time stands still?
While you risk losing your soul?
Do you find a way to crawl out of the river and lie there in the mud watching to see if this branch will grow without you saving it?
slowly becomming embedded yourself?

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