Thursday, May 12, 2005

Lie Awake with Me...

My body lies motionless in your arms,
your eyes...
connecting to mine in an exhausting gaze .

I pause...only to feel our hearts beating slowly as the light consumes the heaven we had conceived throughout the night.

Our words have grown silent..
Our lips too fatigued to speak..

Fighting the slumber in efforts to embrace this endless night.

The birds have humbly brought forth a beautiful lullaby in their presence.
A song that has been waking the surrounding world as we still lie there....existing..breathing..consuming...

I have never felt so consumed..
I never want to pull away or allow your embrace to fall.
I never want to drift into sleep.

Our bodies entwined within one another,
Our souls eminating into one anothers essence..
We are no longer self.

I never thought it posible to be closer than we have become throughout one night..
and yet every word spoken, every movement made...every secret revealed has drawn us closer.

Lie awake with me my love.
Please do not close your eyes.
With the passing hours, our minds become entranced..
Lying here with you is a dream far from sleep...

The further from reality we fall, the more real we become.

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