Thursday, May 12, 2005

I know!

I strive to become important.
I want someone to care what I am doing every moment of my day
i want someone to call me multiple times daily just because they miss me
I want someone to feel empty inside without my presence
I want someone to care...about me.
I want someone to share themselves with me their soul, their dreams, their visions.
I need to find "the one" who has his eyes wide open to this world.
The one who sees through it all and is ready to take in an existance he has only thought about his whole life
The one who is tired of existing in this shallow mundane plain of earth
The one who feels my presence within his body whether we are together or apart
the one who craves my every ounce of attention as if my touch, words, and existance are the air he needs to survive

Why is it that god is not allowing this person i have desired since the dawn of time to fall into my arms?
I want to be taken care of, yet independant
I want to be babied yet mastered
I want a man who is able to bathe in his own confidence
but only humble to show his love for me
I want a man who will take control and give control of himself to me as well...
To worship me and in turn allow me to worship him.

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