Thursday, April 26, 2007


I remember when I loved you secretly
How i lusted out of control
I remember when i held you Secretly
Turning the trust of a lover
to trust of a fewl

I remember when I held your hand so close
How I fell into your arms
I remember The way you looked into my eyes
and how i thought there was no harm

I remember the night we made a pact
To live and love alone
To hold eachother when we fell
But forget one another when we went home

I remember the years you kept me warm
The secrets we shared and made
I remember the sweetness of your lips by night
how it turned to bitter jealousy during the day

I remember the way it had to end
The way you threw me to the floor
Hand crashed upon me
Anger of a thousand wars
When i told you i could not do this ANy more

I remember the fear that you would return
How I closed my eyes tried to forget
The place you once layed
The hearts we betrayed
I remember the ways you became

My biggest Mistake. My Greatest regret.

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