Monday, April 23, 2007


Can i be your reoccuring dream?
Can I be your dying wish?
Can i steal your eyes for just a moment
and free your mind from all of this?

Can I be your pleasant night?
Can I be your rainy day?
Can I hold you close for just this one time
and push you down in the light of day?

Can I be the blackness in your heart?
Can i hold a candle to your fire?
Can i say i love you and will never leave
then walk away and never look back
Can I be your little liar?

Can I be your crescent moon
That lights your midnight sky?
Then dissappear..
Be no where near..
Leave you in the darkness to cry?

Can I be the passion you long to know
Pull you close then let you go

Can I be the Air you long to breath
Watch you suffocate without me

Can I be the thirst you cannot bare
Suffering dillusions without me there

Love so tender heart so true
Your greatest mistake was allowing me
To fall in love with You.

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