Thursday, April 12, 2007

Be back soon.

Im no where near a place to give
Im lost without my passion to live
Im falling fast alone and lost
Reaching for sanity at any cost

I take this sip of your bitter wine
I lose myself in between the lines
I throw away the reasons to cry
To gather the pieces from your eyes

Shattered dreams with jagged pieces
Hearts confessed what time releases
Tracing your body in the dark
Trying to find my way back to my heart

I no longer count the days gone by
I no longer breathe when i want to cry
All is numb, Im trying to feel
I have forgotten how to speak
as you lie there still

Your eyes they follow my every desire
Watching as I set myself on fire

My souls gone vacant
Left a sign
Be back soon
to make you mine.

1 comment:

Grace Christine said...

Your poetry is lovely, allowing one to look gently to the depth of your soul. I hope that you will be blessed with a joy of life and love as your grief passes. Although the past is gone and cannot return, the love you gave was real, and the next love will be also real and, I hope, kind.