Tuesday, April 17, 2007


I fall into your distant eyes
Find a way to compromise
The sunlight falls
Our moon will rise

I steal the silence to set you free
release the ache inside of me
forgotten all the sorrow
To let become, what will be

One breath left to say goodbye
One heart beat given from your final hello
One door closed with me inside
One door opened, to watch you go

Tragedy or fate,
Destiny or desire?
What a Fight you gave
To distinguish my fire

This Night will take whats left of me
Wake in the morning left so hollow
Passing the question
of want or need
what will be left for me
In my Tomorrow?

Fighting the illness,
so you'll not know
Each day may be our last
Everytime you go

Every kiss may be forgotten
If left within your mind
But fear not love, I will hold it tight
Let the memory live within mine

Im so afraid
I will have to go
before we finish
what we may never know

This love may be the chapter
I never get to write
Be it on paper, or in your soul
We will end this chapter, tonight.

Reasons left unknown
I've lost it all, yet grown

I am Fading into a vision
soon you will no longer see
I am Vanishing into the distance
Created by you...
from me

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