Thursday, May 10, 2007

What did you expect?

Tell me what it is you want me to do?
Walk away from my life and crawl back to you?
Your eyes are deceiving
You had me believing
That your words were your bond and your bond was true

Tell me how it would have been
If you didnt lock me out but let me in
But you built a wall
Said screw it all
And you expected me to not drift away in the wind

Tell me what it is you wanted to hear
When you called me up and confessed your fears
Did you want me to cry
Cause you were ready to try
Did you expect me to choke all over my tears?

You left this heart bleeding
barely left beating
Thrown to ground
sickened by the sound
of my mind screaming to stop

You rolled me in dirt
Playing a game
Never stopped the hurt
Ill never be the same

So you said you couldnt play
You got yourself too deep
Your only option was to run away
from something you were never meant to keep

So i ask if you're gonna be ok
I never meant to act this way
But im standing strong
in anothers heart
I havent been better
since we have been apart

Now I close my eyes
No longer seeing you
Living in a dream
I just couldnt live with you

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