Wednesday, July 12, 2006

All i need to know.

Sickened as a whisper in the wind...
This voice with no touch
These eyes with no sight
Like a poison You writhe into my veins
Careless of which direction you take
Foolish of my heart and yours
Tear away from me..
Words roll off my tongue like a despiteful kiss
Waiting to be heard.. really heard
Not just gazed upon
Let me distract you as you defend your way through this life
Let me numb the anguish you must prevail
I told you I never want to feel like this again
Why wont you just go away?
You gave the rain its ending..
I just want to bring it back
I will fall and know where to go..
In the darkness i remain
The tears of hope have been my only consolation
The only ones left I still fight
So alive within..
While dying in this place
I found the ground and here I shall remain
Remember me in that smile you rarely find
in the breaze gently passing your face
In the air you pull into your lungs before you sigh
I am there
Remember me in the touch you have longed to feel
in the Rain falling on your skin
In the world we have created so blindly
I am there
Stolen.. I am giving you the best of who i have become
and yet you run relentlessly as if there is nothing left to lose
No time to think about the end
Until then I rest here holding my breath
Not moving a thing..
I dont want to forget this place
From this place I show my light
I eminate in the place of sorrow and despair
Coldest dusk among the horizon
A tiny star...
The only star to guide the way
I bring you here with me until it is time for you to go
Too close you've walked beside me
All is lost when we look outside.
Why love..
One light shall be your home?
Why my sweet
Shall this love be more vast than the ocean..
As i say my goodbye to you?
Ill break the silence and fall away
Ill find my own way home
Who then can know my soul..
When one breath is all I need to know?
I will save myself tonight.

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