Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Do things ever really change? Does life ever take a turn for the better?
How long before the aching fades away?
What are the magic words I need to say?
Feeling so lost and yet I have no care in the world for where I have ended up
He is not here with me...
What does it really matter...
Im so fucking needy
I cannot stand the fact that I live to be loved
I love to feel alive
I have died to become what? This shell of a person I once was
This beautiful person once so very much in love.. People hated her
This person who was Envied
Now a Shadow of someone Long gone and cast away
Cast away.. That is what I have become
The one he is ashamed of loving..
The one he will No longer divulge in the idea of
The one who had stolen his heart and soul.. and he dare press charges for theft
Cast away into the darkness which remains inside his soul
Cast away into the world, never to be found again
He isnt searching for me
He isnt searching for anyone
He has given up on himself
And in turn... well you know
Its just another day.. you have made each day A joke
I cant wait until this is over..
Till I can lie down and say goodbye
Till I can fall asleep and never have to remember you again
If you had a problem with me, Well Its your problem now
I fought you to the floor
I begged you to not hurt me anymore
Im making you aware.. of the things You dont want to know
Whether you like it or not.. Why should i face this alone
Why should I care that this hurts You too?
Why should I care that this was the hardest thing you have ever done?
Why should I believe anything you say??

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