Wednesday, July 19, 2006


In the mid-night the fireflies have left all but ashes for us to dance with
I crave the way your eyes lust for me as we dance by the fire of reality and dream
Passionate kisses as we pass in time.. but only lingering for a moment
I have missed you my precious hatred
Allowing me to fall in love with a traveling wind
An apparition in the mist
I reach for you as you fade time and time over
I know I am the sacrifice and You the God standing above me
What more pleasing way to go
Bind me at your will
Tear me down to my knees and look into my eyes
Gently kiss these lips that you adore in moderation
Im down among a million souls
Fighting the tears to hold you
But I am bound.. oblivious to my fate
Join me in insanity...
Touch my porcelain skin and numb my senses
I fear the daylight..
SHall we run from it forever?
As the fire fades away.. what is your decision..
Simplistic desires to fulfill your moment for now?
Snapshots of this place we desire
Black.. into white
Close your eyes and pose for me love

Capture me in your eyes

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