Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Let me not live.

If this is the time you walk away
If this is your goodbye
If this is the way it has to be
If god has taken you away from me
Let me not live in vain
Let my heart not leave
Take me with you
How can i let go of something that only pulled me close
Its not ok for me to stay if this is not where you are

If this is the time you walk away
So many things left unsaid
too few words worthy of saying them
If this is the final day you breath
Let me give you my lungs instead
I cant live to let you leave

You are the difference between comfort and disease
You are the barrier of my insanity
Nothing will ever be the same

Although you may be sleeping unaware of all things
It feels like You are wide awake and staring at me
Pulling me into you
ive layed myself before you
waiting for you to come back
as i cry myself to sleep

Im waiting to hear he voice i cannot bare
You leave shadows in my mind
a shiver in my soul that frightens me love
What will i do without you?

Did you really think i was just going to let you go?
Did you think i was just going to say my goodbyes?

I dont want to be the reason for your unhappiness
I dont want you to feel you are failing because you love me
I only want to see you smiling
Hold you when you cry
Love you when you need me
Show you what you want to see...
Anything you ask for is yours..
Forever if you ask
For now.. if you cannot stay

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