Sunday, October 30, 2005

AN ongoing confession of love...

I love the way his eyes light up when he sees me,
the sound of his voice when he is serious about something,
the way his hair tries to escape from his head in the morning.
I love the way he finds a need to stop everything he is doing to tell me he loves me.
the way my one single word can double his heartbeat.
how he thinks about me every waking hour.
How he dreams about me … when we can’t be together.
I love the way he is so gentle with me, emotionally, physically
I love the way he revolves around me.
that he never makes me feel like I am too much.
..Or too little.
I love that we both know how lucky we truly are.
I love that he wants to marry me, only me, that I am the Only woman he has ever loved, how he cherishes my existence as if there were nothing before or after…me.
I love thinking about the love that he will have for his children and mine.
Knowing that one day I will be able to show him what love at first sight is,
Knowing that he will never deny this love we have discovered… this precious… precious love
I love thinking about how close the time is coming to when we never have to be apart again, where we can spend every single night for the rest of our lives lying in one another’s arms…forever. We have come so far baby.
I love the woman he has made me want to become, not by asking but by loving me.
I adore and admire him so much that his love for me helped me realize how amazing I am. If this wonderful person could believe in me, love me, trust me… then maybe I’m not so bad after all.

It took a love full circle to teach me to love myself….
My loving this person completely... the first person I have ever been able to love this way.
Being loved completely, never having to worry about scaring him away with my tears.
I can close my eyes tonight knowing I am loved, knowing my twin soul has come back to me, and Nothing can take that away from me. Not even death can tear my heart from him again. I know God has blessed me.

There are not enough words to describe this intensity…
There will never be enough…
But I will die trying to find them.

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