Monday, November 07, 2005


His eyes, like gentle veils of mist welcoming the morning sun.
Stolen… my breath. I know not how to breathe
All the world has left… he pulls me into his arms with his hand wrapped in my hair
I welcome this serenity he has created in my honor.
Through a tiny keyhole… he allows me to view… the door never locked, some things are more beautiful when they do not know you are watching them…
And I watched.. With such intent... I looked.
This creator of sights, this liver of dreams,
Reaches out for my hand and dances with me in the candle light set before us
Sifting through the ashes of the fires burned before this day
Smoldering as the wind places her caress within the fragile debris
Our beings simply dance throughout the night.
Left behind the guilt that whispers in the shadows
Released the worries that encase and paralyze what we truly are, having been spun into its dismal web
Fall free from all that ever was and Be.
For once we are alive within one another’s souls, even just for a moment as we close our eyes and see Still.
The end won’t come so quietly…
Our skin not abandoned with time but embraced by the memory of what was.
The everlasting wake created by the passionate crash into my existence.
To worship in blindness of what tomorrow brings
To kiss the lips whose touch may never bestow upon yours ever again…
Shhh… The thunderstorm is here… holding me into its glory. Let’s just Be.

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