Wednesday, October 26, 2005

For my love...

An angel lays before me and I fathom at this sight.
His body lie resting in the sunlight…
I step closer quietly careful to preserve the silence.
I can see a glow around him, so clearly
What have I done to deserve such a wonderful being?
What more can I do to keep him here always?
Many nights before, I have dreamt of him
Now he is here and I am in awe.
When he wakes, the world will not fall apart…
When he wakes it will still be a reality far from dream
His eyes are opening…
Slowly he moves his body and takes in the morning air,
He moves his head to find me…and he takes in a breath of relief.
My angel was born to fall
To fall into my life with such grace and determination.
Never once losing faith in me
Never once losing faith in the love he felt for me.
Never once looking away after he knew where it was he had to find me
He traveled through depths of souls…
Spinning circles around them, searching.
Seeking out his gift.
Alone he traveled, so sure of what it was he needed to find
Never settling for less.
And now he is here…
Neither one of are quite sure which of us are the true angel.
But if I am the angel he truly believes I am
And this is the gift I have fallen for,
The existence I chose Over heaven
If this is the soul I needed, before I was ready for heaven
I accept this angel. Open arms.
I will love him into eternity and never look back.
When you have such beauty before you…
You have no need to look behind any longer.

Dedicated to my precious angel I have longed to live for
And die With. Christopher Ryan Pearson.
October 26th 2005

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