Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Looking down from the moon! (June 14th 2003)

Tonight is Friday the 13th....a full moon.

Tonight I feel him more than ever. Perhaps it is my need to be with someone on this ironic night. The need to share this with my soul mate.I dwell in the mystery of the night. The moon, she empowers me. Her memory gets me through the daylight. She has shared everything I have ever felt. Her and her alone.

There is no one else here with me as I cry in her shadows. No one here, holding me in her light. She has become my dismal comfort. She is there...and Has been there with me through it all. She will be there forever. No matter where I go...she is there. Even when you cannot see her, she is not very far.

A soul this moon. Out of reach for the most part...but always there lingering...waiting. Then that their depth and determination, does not believe that reaching the moon is impossible...does not give up until they get to you.Knowing it is there, feeling its presence. Seeing her on the clearest nights and in her brightest the dreams and emotions you are given throughout your memory of "the one"

Except one thing is Can go to the can touch it, you can love can even bring parts of it back with you....but you cannot live in this leave behind this moon....but the moon is just as bright in your life there after.

I feel this way with Shawn tonight, as I sit here alone, wishing he were here to share this moment...wishing I were speaking these words to him...I have no one to share this thought with. And even though I cannot see him, or touch him...I can still feel him. He is so wonderfully strong tonight.

Once you return from the moon, nothing looks the same....this World is no longer so big and misunderstood. Everything is in a different perspective now...but after you have touched spend every lifetime wanting to go back to that place...

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