Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Hi Baby

I wrote this for him tonight......
Wintre winds are calling in the distance
The moon rises whole tongiht
She is not alone this time
The one has set her soul aflight
To possess her would be imprisonment of the lady with open eyes
To free her soul to soar, will never lead him to demise
SHe shares her soul and passions
Taking her vows in silencean interlude to their eternal love
To fall so rushed is deadly, to be shattered again in vain
But she cares not for this worry, for her sorrow goes by no name...
"Hi Baby"
her heart stops.
her breath becomes slow and trembled
He leads her down paths she has never set a foot
She follows with no conviction.
Into the night, the moon falls high and her heart comes tumbling down.
She consumes his attention like poison writhing into her veins
and wears his heart as her crown.

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