Saturday, August 26, 2006

Here I am.

Long ago.. i listened to this song and found peace..
Lost in an array of love.. Unexplainable to the world
but i tried..
I wrote of this angel.. so pure.. so real..
Sleeping in my presence..
I was so careful not to disturb this precious vision
But in reality.. I am too Real
My pain was unwelcome
My vulnerability had become his demise
He thought that his coming to me would cure all that had gone wrong..
So did I
So throughout our time.. I was weak.. only strengthened by the source of our love for one another
Only poisoned by my craving for him
His noise brought me comfort
His sin brought me pleasure
His entrance showed me the way out
So i throw his Halo down
Go back to where you came from
With my hate I am stepping down from this cloud
Never to look back into the darkness that has become your soul
I dont know you.. I will never know you
Stop haunting my dreams
Stay away from my thoughts
You are a curse from my past
Thrown at my feet..
Trickery was your best friend
"Hold me.. Walk with me.. Im so alone"
Ive seen the evils of your dreams
Ive seen the disaster brought by your wish
Im so glad I have seen you so well
So I push you down off your throne
You dont belong here in my mind
A glorified memory of what could have been
I can put anyone in that seat love
They only have to find their way into my soul
You are nothing compared to what will be
A fraction of what i must have
The hate is slipping deeper into my heart
They said i would come to this place
They told me I would see the truth
and here i am
Bleeding with the Truth running down my mind
I will not be denied this passage
I will find my own way out

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