Saturday, August 19, 2006

My ex ad-libbed my masterpiece...=\

Take the pain and force it down..
Take the doubt and run away
Do it all again..
Over and over until you bleed
Dont pretend you care
When its convenient
Dont walk away from me run biotch while i stand here crying
There was nothing left for me here
You drawed a picture and made me look retarded
Now I cant look away
You created a warmth that felt so good like cheezwiz..
Now I dont want to be cold
On and On
I do it all again
I fall and stub my damn toes all over again
You dont Fade away But you dont shine anymore
Watch me look at you with disgust
I dont deserve to eat cake
I dont want to cry
I am running out of time
I sat back and looked at my life today
I seen the loose ends..
I want to tie them in knots
I want to be free of my needs
Free of my addictions
I dont want to Need
I dont want to crave what you are
If I could just love something else more than I love you
Then i should be ok
I cant let this take me away like calgon
But the voice in my head tells me to run forest
before it kills me
When will i just listen
For once will i fucking do it right
Will i do it all over again
What has caused me to be so lazy
This life is not for me
This dream is only meant for sleep
If you need someone to annoy you
I can no longer be there
I cant be by your side
Where do you expect me to piss as you cry
But its ok, I should make it through
Its gonna smell whether its me or you
smack me.. you cant your far away
beat me.. you cant.. theres nothing left to say
Nothing in common except for doritos...
Just a fire faded away
Wasting another day
your not close enough to see into my anus..
To remind me what homer simpson could be
but your close enough to keep a ham sammich on me

I sang into your ear as you slept
only to tell you im here for you if your sleep breaks
To comfort you.. because i know your life is not easy
You have so much on your mind
and no time to see what you are doing

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