Sunday, August 20, 2006

Found myself in your eyes.

To take this life and make it worth one more day
To walk outside the finest line
Light meets Dark, never meant to coincide
Where the sun falls and the moon rises
Always running from the other
Come to gaze at the creation brought from darkness
At the world created from dust and thought
From Dreams and Passion
Come not look away at the lips that breathe for you
Press yourself tightly to my soul
If this is where you long to be
If this is what You long to feel
Let nothing say otherwise
Let this life be yours and the hardship be worth every drop of sweat
Let every pain of dissappointment be lead away with my kiss upon your lips
Let every harsh word be erased by the reaching of my hand
Do you know how to not look back?
Do you want to learn together?
Are you ready to take my hand and jump with me?
Not knowing how far we are to fall..
Does it really matter at all
We will land in a world only for us..
A place where every moment belongs to our future
A place where no one will stand in our way
Baby I know times are changing
And everything will be so new
I cant give my life for a maybe
I cant Love for an instant
If you give me a reason to fight.. I will fight
If you give me the word.. I will jump
If you make a promise.. I will believe
I never wanted to hurt you..
I only wanted to give you something you never knew
I never wanted to confuse you...
I never meant to get so confused
Ive unravelled into your fate
I never meant to fall into your path.. but here I am
You lifted me and held me tightly so id forget where I came from
Now id do anything to stay
So you ask.. am i sure..
And I reply Are you?
We shall find ourselves a resting place
You want me to show you what it means to be the only one
You want to see what I see.. to feel what I have known
You are worth passing a walk in the rain
A thousand nights lost in the cold
Running to you blindly, trusting in your belief in me
What if i fall or what if i break...
Ive let you tear down these walls
Your like the rain i wait to fall
Your like the moon i wait to rise
You watched every piece of my soul fall away
And you caught each one and held it close..
Waiting for the moment to hand them all back to me
Tell me this is the point of no return?
Tell me you will never settle for less than to take my hand
I chose this place
You chose to walk with me here
Do you deserve more than what I am?
Tell me your not letting me go
Tell me there is no turning back now
Tell me we are in this for the right things
That we are making the right choice
That love is just a word
and we Are beyond those words
So we dont believe in soulmates
But our flames are so bright in eachother
We can live apart.. but say You refuse to.
I didnt say hello ever believing i could fall in love with you
I didnt ask to be given a reason to believe in you
You opened your eyes when they have been closed for so long
You answered a call that gave you a destiny you never knew
You asked if I were an angel
and if i were... would you love me the same
Knowing how i fall time and time again
Watching me suffer for reasons unknown
Could you believe its supposed to be that way
Just as blind as you can be..
Just as fragile as you once were..
Even i cannot see the justice in it all
There is one judge love..
One place we are meant to go..
Our path there is our choice
And the road we travel is paved by decisions we make..
One by one..
I refuse to believe im the only one feeling
a little lost in it all
I refuse to feel that im losing you in the end
i have found everything i need in who you are
and found everything i wanted to be in your eyes

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