Sunday, May 20, 2007

For Us.

We have brought ourselves to a place
where we have seen too much to look away
A place that has been so frightening
and yet so tempting and inviting
Only dreamt of eyes forever
and i am waking now that we are together
Giving away the aching
Handling it outside of pleasure
I see you now in this light
Laying so peacefully
After our bodies have so perfectly formed
..into one
The only one i ever want to be
And i adore you.
I love you for everything you are
Even though you are so unlike me
I love that you laugh in the most awkward ways
I love that I am your best friend and you trust me
You truly trust me
I love who I am now
The smile on my face when i pass a stranger
because i am thinking of you
I love that the girl I thought I was
Has finally become the woman I always needed to be
I love that it is ok to need you
and that you are not ashamed to need me
I love that your eyes light up when they meet mine
even when we are pretending to be mad at one another
I love that neither of us knows how deep our emotions run for the other
but we can only fathom.. because we know it is unimaginable
I love being your favorite and your best
And I love that you want to be reminded that you are mine
You are changing around me
Almost as if I have freed you from the world
As if you were just waiting for me to exist
.. the way i had imagined you would be
and to believe for once
it happened right
for us.

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