Friday, December 08, 2006

How was I to know?

Cornered into a window
Backed into a hole
MInd like a siren
Heart of a fool

Hand to me the glimpse of you
Walk with me and make it through

Miles with no end
Inside out again

Take with me the All I am
Watch me wrap around you
PLace on me a silver band
of ink that we once drew

Hand to me a glimpse of me
Help me listen
Help me breath

Moments with no end
Im upside down again

I want to come undone
Its so beautiful being the Fallen one
Let me make you bleed
Oh how you aim to please

Pull my hair.. make me scream
You want to watch
Where you want to be
Carry myself into your dirty dream

Hate me hurt me
You dont want me to love
You want me to beg you to love me
You dont want to love me
You crave your obsession
You want to master the free

So now you want me to lay
to cry with every word you say
You want me to falter
My heart to return
But i was untied
You told me i lied
How was i to know
what was left deep inside

Seconds left to cry
I wont let you die
Shouldnt you be going now
You want to see me rip from inside?
With your heart lying all twisted and broken
I will not retrieve the love I have spoken

To thrive in passion
To give you a glimpse of what can become
To set your heart on fire
To search for The one.

I have been where you are
I have hurt like you do
I have forgiven that man
That has done to me
What i have done to you

Now I understand
Full circle.. oh so clear
Wiped away the questions
Questioned what was left to fear

I did not know what was coming
Only where my heart said to go
So i followed without hesitation
How was I to know?

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