Friday, December 08, 2006

His weakness.

Are you taking me away
Come to mark your prey
Undone within your grasp
So tortured and bound
Little time has passed

The blood that falls beyond your eyes
Watching yours flow to the crypt
as you salivate for mine
An angels life blood you wish to sip

Poison wicked hearts of demons
What is it you hear
That you have not been seeing

Imititate light.. the shades have been pulled
You secretly desire..
The masses have been fooled

Smoke in the trees
You hide in the night
Fading into the darkness
Diminishing before the light

On my knees to pray
You come from behind
To feast my sweet vein
Your presence is weakened in MIne

You lust for the innocense
Like nectar of gods
Create an obsession
Yet the beauty forces your pause

Determined to possess
To turn.. to Sire
My eyes.. paralyze your senses
Only threatening your desire

You want to administer your threat
Join me at this alter
I open my eyes and the blood stained pillars
Washed white with my power

God given and Crucial is my walk
His divine plan.. becomes my life
My blood too pure for even
A gods emblazoned knife

So turn you will not
But gaze from afar
To crave this purity
like death to the pain
Set your eyes on this pale scar
watch it wash away in the rain

You have no power here.

1 comment:

knight2b2003 said...

You never cease to amaze me. This is very powerful because it shows the forces at work. I am so glad that you are of the greatest of all powers, together with Gods help we will fight the darkness.