Tuesday, January 15, 2013

First Day of Nursing School!

First day of Nursing school at Joliet Junior College's NEW state of the art facility.. I am actually honored to be a part of the very first group going into this new facility! I am feeling very optimistic now. I was just riddled with anxiety, fear, and/or excitement, but then in a conversation with my dad yesterday it came out of my mouth and was like an epiphany as it happened "I just find everyt...hing about the human body and the processes and the Mixture of Art, humanities and science that is Nursing So interesting. I cannot imagine a day of class that would ever be boring or make me fall asleep! I just feel so thirsty for this knowledge!"

And that is when I realized.. This is what I am meant to be.. I am Going to succeed because it is my destiny!!
It was a relief that the two professors I have had so far seem amazing... it truly felt like they Care that you excel, it really is a reflection on their teaching if those if us that made it into the program through the strainer don't pass.. So they Want to see us succeed, another cool thing, they are all just passionate about nursing and it shows in the way they talk to us and direct and guide us...
Nurses are just a special kind of person, you know what I mean, they need a heart and compassion on top of professionalism to do what they do, and these ladies have years of experience behind them in The field and they still love it.. It just really shows and they in no way treat us like a number, we are a reflection of their abilities, like their children.. I like that!!
I am very excited about what each day holds for me along this path!!


Brendan Kenny said...

I have been looking to become a nurse for quite sometime. I began looking at schools in NJ, but decided to expand my horizons to nursing schools in PA. My hope is that I will become a certified nurse within the next 4 years.

Catherine Dodson said...

Awesome, I was born in pa! Are you planning on staying with an associates or going straight to bachelors?

Brendan Kenny said...

Right now all I can afford is an associates, but hopefully I will be able to get the bachelors sooner than later. Its tough paying for school right now..